My name is Renata, I am the founder of Renata Alchemy, a platform that facilitates the provision of holistic wellness, by offering organic, natural, sustainable and eco-friendly self-care, cosmetics, home aroma, artisan soaps, wear products and more; while supporting local women manufacturers.

I opened my shop about 2 years ago; through servicing my customers I am always happy to share the journey that got me to where I am today. I found myself telling my story repeatedly, our conversations turned into sometimes, hours of talking, sharing, and brainstorming. 

I realized there were others like me, being called to a change or that were already going through a transformation themselves, these interactions were almost magical (that’s the universe for you). I have inspired many to pursue their dreams, personal, business or artistic ventures (humble bow).

Recently I have been feeling a pull to expand my services and offer an avenue to share and exercise my acquired skills through not only my personal healing experience, but also my professional one.

Therefore, I have decided to start my healing + empowerment couching program.

 In my coaching program, I will share the tools, my own formula and tactics I acquired in my previous successful business analyst career, my own healing voyage and my ongoing business venture, to assist you to initiate, pursue or support your own healing and empowerment journey.

I will work with you on a one on one basis, to assess where you are in this process or we can do ad-hoc sessions based on your needs.

Please feel free to reach out via email info@renataalchemy.com or direct message via IG @renataalchemy

I look forward to sailing this voyage with you.


Ps: you are organically beautiful!

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