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POV: Stress in Disguise

 I used to suffer from bad, really bad headaches, I had several tests done and was seen by a neurologist, I was then diagnosed with migraines. I was given pills that made it even worse. At which point I decided to stop taking them. Instead, I started waking up earlier and going jogging, nothing crazy, 15 minutes or so, eventually increased it to 30 minutes.

My migraines stopped . And the jog became something I looked forward to , it also gave me a chance to listen to the birds singing, the stillness of the early morning hours , breathing fresh air. I felt revitalized. Following, I started meditating, and the beginning of my ongoing transformation, kick started.

Stress has many disguises, it could be a headache, a cold, etc. We tend to forget how much we do, extremely too much at times. Sometimes, it just takes a simple step to get healthy in a holistic way.


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